How to Unclog a Central Vacuum

The ease of cleaning and maintenance that vacuums bring is excellent. We enjoy clean floors, furniture and other areas thanks to these high suction devices. Plus, there is always something new to enjoy in this industry, from bagless stand-up vacuums to cordless Dyson vacuums.

Though, vacuums are like every other piece of machinery. They will wear over time. Parts will need to be replaced. Luckily, vacuum repair in Calgary is often simple and easy, especially with the help of your local experts. To that end, we describe the best ways to unclog your central vacuum down below.


Ways to Unclog Your Central Vacuum

The Suction Clog

Central vacuums differ from standard standing vacuums in that multiple wall inlets can be used to access the system. Therefore, the first step in fixing your clog is finding its origins. Check each wall inlet for a loss of suction capability, looking for the weakest one. 

Once you have found the wall inlet with the least suction, cover the end of the hose with your palm. Allow the pressure to build for a few seconds, and then release the vacuum’s end from your palm. This should remove the blockage. But, if it does not, repeat the process several times. 

The Hose Clog

Occasionally, during the testing phase of the above process, people will find that all their inlets have reduced suction pressure. This usually means that the clog is not within the system itself but rather just the hose section. 

Gently squeeze your way down the length of the hose, feeling for a hard area or blockage. Once found, try mechanically shifting it from the outside. If this does not release the blockage, consider getting a slender tool to push it out of the way from inside the hose. Good options include a coat hanger or plumbers snake.

The Persistent Clog

Finally, if the clog is not in a particular area of your system, it may be time for this solution. In this scenario, you use the power of reverse suction with another vacuum. Pull the offending clog from the opposite direction and see it quickly stop being a problem.

Easy, Efficient and Effective Vacuum Repair in Calgary

Still having trouble? Don’t worry about it! Give us a call or come visit us in-store today so we can assist with all your Calgary vacuum repair needs. We’ll get your central vacuum back into tip-top shape. We look forward to assisting you soon. 

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Is A Central Vacuum Worth It?

According to Home Advisor, it costs, on average, $1,146 – $2,203 for a central vacuum installation. For many homeowners and landlords, that can be an expensive investment. 

Which begs the question: are central vacuums worth it? 

There is only one real way to answer this question. And that’s to look at the benefits that come with a central vacuum system. 

Key Advantages of Installing a Central Vacuum 

Larger Bag Than Conventional Vacuum Cleaners 

As central vacuums have a unit installed in the house elsewhere, it has a larger bag in which you can store more waste and dirt. That ultimately means less time changing filters and cleaning out the vacuum, and more collection of dirt. 

More Power & Suction

As the units are bigger, they have more power and, therefore, more suction. Central vacuums can suck more dirt from harder to reach spots than regular vacuums. 

Unit Location Helps Allergy Sufferers

Vacuums can be a hazard for allergy and asthma sufferers. But with the unit being installed elsewhere in the home, usually the basement or outside, it reduces their exposure, making them safer when you clean your home. 

Central vacuum

Less Noise 

Because the unit is installed in the basement or outside, there is less noise around the home. It makes life for everyone a little more peaceful. 

Compatible With Accessories

Just like regular vacuums, central vacuums in Calgary come with an array of accessories that can help you with your cleaning. You can get attachments for carpets, tiles, mopping and more. It all depends on what you want for your home. 

Increases The Value of Your Home 

When you combine all the benefits that come with central vacuums, plus the pricey outlay, you can see why it will add value to your home. Buyers and investors look kindly on such additions, and investing in one will help drive up the price of your home. When you think about how expensive it might be, remember you’ll get your investment back the value of your home. 

All in all, these benefits are key reasons why you should look to invest in central vacuums. Visit your local vacuum store in Calgary to find the perfect model for your home today! 

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How Does A Central Vacuum Work?

Central vacuums in Calgary are a popular choice for many households. However, some homeowners are not interested in investing in one because they have no idea how it works. 

So how does a central vacuum work? Let’s take a look: 

An Easy Guide To How Your Central Vacuum Works 

The central vacuum system is made up for three major components: the unit, the hose and the inlet. Each works in tandem with each other, so understanding their connections is crucial.

The Vacuum Unit 

The unit is located in a remote location such as the garage or basement. It is a motorized system that pulls air through the pipes and hose, which are connected throughout the house. The debris and waste are collected and retained in the filter. 

As for the exhausted air, it vented outside or within the cleaning area, depending on the type of model that you choose. 

You will have to empty the unit every three months to ensure proper hygiene and reduce any potential issues that occur. 

The Vacuum Hose 

Just like the regular vacuum hose, a central model sucks up all the dirt in your home, transferring it to the unit. It runs through the hose and pipe before collecting in the unit. 

wall connection

There are two ways hoses activate: 

  1. The suction starts when it is plugged into the inlet 
  2. It is fitted with an on/off switch for the suction on the handle end of the hose

Remember that just like regular portable vacuums, central models come with accessories, such as carpet brush heads, and specialized vacuum parts for mopping floors, cleaning blinds, vacuuming cars, and more.

The Vacuum Inlet & Pipe

The main purpose of the vacuum pipe is that it connects to the inlet, which connects to the hose and the unit. It is the line that passes all the dust and dirt into the unit. 

Inlets can be installed in all areas of the home, depending on where the most vacuuming is done. It also varies depending on the model selected and the design of the household. 

Finding The Right Central Vacuum in Calgary

Now that you have a firm idea of how central vacuums work, it’s time to find one that works for you. Make sure that you visit your local vacuum store in Calgary to speak to a professional to get an insight into which model is best for you.

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Why You Should Buy the DrainVac DV1R12 Central Vacuum

When you are looking to replace your old or worn-out central vacuum, there are many options to consider. Sure, it is easy to think that the cheapest and most available vacuum is the right choice for you to make. Still, you could potentially be missing out on many great and valuable opportunities, including the DrainVac DV1R12.

The DrainVac DV1R12 is one of the most innovative and practical options available for central vacuuming, and the variety of features and benefits it offers are hard to match. Make sure to check out the difference the DrainVac DV1R12 can create for your cleaning needs before rushing out to make a purchase.

The Features of a DrainVac DV1R12 Central Vacuum

One of the most exciting features of the DrainVac DV1R12 central vacuum is the cyclonic action which generates consistent, optimal power. The power of cyclonic action allows you to make even the messiest jobs a cleaning breeze and enables you to stop worrying about cleaning the inside of the hose as it continually gets clogged, and it can pick up liquids with no issue. Plus, with a replaceable cartridge filter, it is very simple to replace your filter and keep your central vacuum running optimally at any time. Speaking of filtration:

The DrainVac DV1R12 central vacuum includes a muffler and outdoor exhaust. If you’re tired of the noise that vacuuming traditionally accompanies, the high-quality muffler will bring much delight. Combined with the outdoor exhaust, the muffler brings quietness to the forefront and keeps your vacuum fresh for longer periods. Another great benefit of the DrainVac DV1R12 is that it is made in Canada, which means you can express your civic pride and feel confident in the quality that at-home manufacturing provides.


Central vacuum

Furthermore, the DrainVac DV1R12 offers a complete package in terms of accessories. A telescopic powerhead wand combines with all of the standard components of a quality vacuum, including floor and dusting brushes, crevice tools, and a bonus turbine stair tool. Along with a convenient hose holder, these accessories are easily stored and quickly connect with your 30-foot length of premium, dual-voltage hose. With an impressive Butler PN33 powerhead included with your package purchase, you can test the benefits of your DrainVac DV1R12 at any time.

Where to Find This Quality Central Vacuum

Finding the DrainVac DV1R12 central vacuum is not very difficult to do. Simply look for a quality retailer of vacuums and vacuum components, and experience the difference between experts and general knowledge professionals. You will be impressed with the information you receive at this vacuum store, and likely you will be even more impressed with the price.

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Vacuum Service: Why You Need It

Vacuums are one of those modern marvels that are hard to truly appreciate. Sure, they clean our homes and keep our floors looking spotless, but they are also so well made that they rarely seem to break down or cause issues. 


This is a travesty because central vacuums in Calgary are a necessity that is often overlooked and not given its proper due in regards to regular repair and maintenance. 

Why should you seek vacuum repair services? Well,


Increase Suction with Central Vacuum Repair in Calgary


Increasing the suction pressure of your vacuum is a great way to reinvigorate its ability to clean effectively. This is often missed when performing regular vacuuming as the suction pressure will just very slowly begin to wane, but it won’t be noticeable unless you pick up a large object and clog the machine.


Repairman repairing of vacuum cleaner.


However, with regular vacuum service, it will be very noticeable how well the suction pressure is maintained, and things like crumbs and pet hair will immediately and forcibly be removed. This is a great boon for all who regularly enjoy the benefits of central vacuum repair in Calgary.


Replace Filters for Your Central Vacuum in Calgary


Central vacuums in Calgary have several filters to keep dirt sufficiently trapped, and these two will require regular maintenance. In some circumstances, they are fixed to the vacuum and must be cleaned regularly, but in most cases, they are a removable and replaceable part of the vacuuming system that is greatly improved with regular attention.


Therefore, it is in the best interest of every owner of a central vacuum system in Calgary, and truthfully, any owner of a vacuum, that regular service for their vacuums is upheld. This can occur annually, but it can also be greatly benefitted by performing service more often. 


However, don’t be fooled into thinking that your central vacuum repair is sufficient, and there is no responsibility for the owner. In fact, regularly emptying the holding tank, inspecting the hose for leaks, and cleaning the attachable heads are all great ways to improve your vacuum’s capabilities. The responsibility is still very much appreciated by your vacuum cleaner, and certainly, your vacuum cleaner serviceperson. 


At The Vacuum District, we are dedicated to bringing you the best products to clean your home, and our professionals will do their best to do any repairs and recommend the best products! Contact us today at (403) 454-4822 or send an email to [email protected].

Tips To Vacuuming Your Carpet This Winter

Most people talk about spring cleaning, but the winter is a great time to tidy things up as well – especially when it comes to your carpet. 

As the weather turns cold and you spend more time indoors, you might find yourself stuck with a dirty carpet. As you go in and out of your house, you are dragging in snow, dirt, debris, and salt, and this can damage your carpet. It is why vacuuming your carpet will be a primary task during winter. 

If this task seems daunting to you, don’t fret about it. We have tips on how to vacuum your carpet perfectly during the winter: 

Three Tips For Vacuuming Your Carpet In Winter 

Choose The Right Central Vacuum In Calgary 

With the right central vacuum in Calgary, you can carpet clean your home in no time. But finding that vacuum might be difficult if you don’t know what works best for your carpet. Research and find out what type of material your carpet is made from, and then see which vacuums work best for it. Speak to an expert at your local vacuum store in Calgary for advice. 

central vacuum calgary

Get Vacuum Accessories 

You might require particular attachments that can work with your vacuum. Your carpet length and material are going to be different from everyone else’s, so you’re going to need to get the right attachments for your central vacuum for hard-to-reach places and particular materials. Any attachments you need can be found by visiting your local vacuum store in Calgary for information. 

The Proper Vacuuming Technique

Once you have your vacuum, it is time to start cleaning. There is though a method to the madness of vacuuming. You can’t just go all over the carpet, as either you’ll miss a spot or not do a good enough job. Here is the best method to vacuuming your carpets: 

  • Remove all small items, like cords, toys, and so forth, from the floor. This open space will make it easier to vacuum. 
  • Break down the room in sections, and separate carpets if they made from different materials. 
  • Vacuum over it a few times, going backwards and then forwards.
  • Repeat the process in the opposite direction until everything is gone.

Clean Your Carpet With A Central Vacuum Regularly 

You will spend a lot of time inside during winter, which means your carpet can collect germs, dust, and debris. You must vacuum it as often as possible to ensure that your home is sanitary and free of bacteria. 

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