Is A Central Vacuum Worth It?

According to Home Advisor, it costs, on average, $1,146 – $2,203 for a central vacuum installation. For many homeowners and landlords, that can be an expensive investment. 

Which begs the question: are central vacuums worth it? 

There is only one real way to answer this question. And that’s to look at the benefits that come with a central vacuum system. 

Key Advantages of Installing a Central Vacuum 

Larger Bag Than Conventional Vacuum Cleaners 

As central vacuums have a unit installed in the house elsewhere, it has a larger bag in which you can store more waste and dirt. That ultimately means less time changing filters and cleaning out the vacuum, and more collection of dirt. 

More Power & Suction

As the units are bigger, they have more power and, therefore, more suction. Central vacuums can suck more dirt from harder to reach spots than regular vacuums. 

Unit Location Helps Allergy Sufferers

Vacuums can be a hazard for allergy and asthma sufferers. But with the unit being installed elsewhere in the home, usually the basement or outside, it reduces their exposure, making them safer when you clean your home. 

Central vacuum

Less Noise 

Because the unit is installed in the basement or outside, there is less noise around the home. It makes life for everyone a little more peaceful. 

Compatible With Accessories

Just like regular vacuums, central vacuums in Calgary come with an array of accessories that can help you with your cleaning. You can get attachments for carpets, tiles, mopping and more. It all depends on what you want for your home. 

Increases The Value of Your Home 

When you combine all the benefits that come with central vacuums, plus the pricey outlay, you can see why it will add value to your home. Buyers and investors look kindly on such additions, and investing in one will help drive up the price of your home. When you think about how expensive it might be, remember you’ll get your investment back the value of your home. 

All in all, these benefits are key reasons why you should look to invest in central vacuums. Visit your local vacuum store in Calgary to find the perfect model for your home today! 

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How Does A Central Vacuum Work?

Central vacuums in Calgary are a popular choice for many households. However, some homeowners are not interested in investing in one because they have no idea how it works. 

So how does a central vacuum work? Let’s take a look: 

An Easy Guide To How Your Central Vacuum Works 

The central vacuum system is made up for three major components: the unit, the hose and the inlet. Each works in tandem with each other, so understanding their connections is crucial.

The Vacuum Unit 

The unit is located in a remote location such as the garage or basement. It is a motorized system that pulls air through the pipes and hose, which are connected throughout the house. The debris and waste are collected and retained in the filter. 

As for the exhausted air, it vented outside or within the cleaning area, depending on the type of model that you choose. 

You will have to empty the unit every three months to ensure proper hygiene and reduce any potential issues that occur. 

The Vacuum Hose 

Just like the regular vacuum hose, a central model sucks up all the dirt in your home, transferring it to the unit. It runs through the hose and pipe before collecting in the unit. 

wall connection

There are two ways hoses activate: 

  1. The suction starts when it is plugged into the inlet 
  2. It is fitted with an on/off switch for the suction on the handle end of the hose

Remember that just like regular portable vacuums, central models come with accessories, such as carpet brush heads, and specialized vacuum parts for mopping floors, cleaning blinds, vacuuming cars, and more.

The Vacuum Inlet & Pipe

The main purpose of the vacuum pipe is that it connects to the inlet, which connects to the hose and the unit. It is the line that passes all the dust and dirt into the unit. 

Inlets can be installed in all areas of the home, depending on where the most vacuuming is done. It also varies depending on the model selected and the design of the household. 

Finding The Right Central Vacuum in Calgary

Now that you have a firm idea of how central vacuums work, it’s time to find one that works for you. Make sure that you visit your local vacuum store in Calgary to speak to a professional to get an insight into which model is best for you.

At The Vacuum District, we dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best products to clean your home, and our professionals will do their best to do any repairs and recommend the best products! Contact us today at (403) 454-4822 or send an email to [email protected].

The Cost to Repair a Central Vacuum Filter

Central vacuums are a great way to improve the speed and efficiency of your house cleaning process. One of the main benefits of central vacuums is the relatively small number of repairable and replaceable parts. However, the flip side is that one part, in particular, requires routine maintenance through replacement. 

Of course, we are talking about the vacuum filter. As a regular part of vacuum repair in Calgary, the filter is an essential part of your vacuum that keeps the waste contents sanitary and traps harmful particles. However, the filter also plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal suction and performance. It is an essential component of the complete system.

Thankfully, the cost of central vacuum filters is not exorbitant. On the contrary, the relative ease of replacement and low price make it a tenable part to replace regularly. Although, to determine the price, you will need to consider a few factors. Namely, the make and model of your central vacuum, the vacuum store you visit, and the filter’s availability.

The Factors of Calgary Vacuum Repair

The Store

The vacuum store you choose may play the most relevant role in your filter replacement’s overall cost. For instance, if they have a relatively small selection of parts and accessories, you may end up paying extra to order the part. Conversely, a store with a wide diversification of products can have the same issue, or charge more for their own upkeep.

The Make & Model

The make and model of your Calgary vacuum cleaner will also affect the cost. There are several different types of filters, such as pre-filters, dish filters, Cartridge and foam filters. In some units, a system similar to the bags of mobile units exists. This can vary the cost, sometimes to a range of $20-$50, but varying pack sizes can be beneficial. 

Repairman repairing of vacuum cleaner.

The Filter Availability

The availability of your filter can play a role in the final price. Often, this will not be as important as other factors. Usually, it is more common that when a model of vacuum is old enough, the manufacturer will discontinue all parts. Then, it becomes a matter of replacing the entire central vacuum system. 

Your Source for Vacuum Repair in Calgary

To get the best deals and fantastic prices on all vacuum parts, including filters for the top models, come down to The Vacuum District. We look forward to providing you great service and an excellent selection for all things vacuum!

At The Vacuum District, we dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best products to clean your home, and our professionals will do their best to do any repairs and recommend the best products! Contact us today at (403) 454-4822 or send an email to [email protected]

Installing A Central Vac At Home

Installing a central vacuum system offers your home a wealth of advantages that regular vacuums can’t. Once installed, it requires little maintenance and can be adapted to different spaces and cleaning needs. A central vacuum is versatile and convenient and can be used for all types of flooring. With its power five times greater than regular vacuums, it can collect all kinds of particles, such as dust, dirt, hair, substances and other allergens. 

However, one of the biggest concerns with the system is how to install it. But before we get to that, it’s essential to choose the right central vacuum system for your home and needs. 

Choosing The Central Vacuum System

There are many different types of central vacuums in Calgary available for purchase. Finding one that works for your needs and meets your functionality is essential, but with such a large selection, it can be difficult to tell what’s best for you. Make sure you consider the following factors: 

  • The power of the unit 
  • The noise level of the unit 
  • The dust collection system, which includes a canister bucket, PVC pipes, inlets, and attachments
  • The Filtration system, which is available in three options: vertical, cyclonic, and inverted. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, you will find these different types of filters combined in various configurations.
  • The manufacturer. Certain brands are better than others, so you should consider which works best for your needs and budget. 

Planning Out the Central Vacuum System

The first step in the central vacuum installation process is to plan out its placement. Ideally, you should look to place it in a central area within your home to provide easy access to the inlets. Remember that poorly placed spots will compromise the unit’s effectiveness, making it pointless in the long-term. Once you decide where you want to put it, you have to choose between doing-it-yourself or hiring a professional. 

Central vacuum

Unless you have experience with duct systems and vacuums, it is best to leave the central vacuum installation to professionals. They have the expertise, tools and solutions if problems arise during the installation. They will also test to see if your unit is working before leaving you.

Doing-it-yourself opens up the risks of poor installations, which can result in costly repairs in the future, as well as damaging the structure and security of your home. When the opportunity calls for it, it is best to hire a professional installer from a vacuum store in Calgary

At The Vacuum District, we dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best products to clean your home, and our professionals will do their best to do any repairs and recommend the best products! Contact us today at (403) 454-4822 or send an email to [email protected].

The Cost of Central Vacuums in Calgary

The cost of central vacuums in Calgary really depends on what you are looking for, and the specific applications of your chosen vacuum. For instance, if you are looking to replace your unit alone, the cost will be much less than if you are going for a complete central vacuum package. Below you will find the typical range of costs associated with different types of vacuum-related purchases. 

Types of Central Vacuum Replacement Costs

Vacuum Units

Sometimes, the only thing wrong with your central vacuum is the unit itself. This eventuality is possible through poor maintenance, but you can easily avoid it by getting your unit repaired by a professional. However, if it is the end of time for your vacuum unit, purchasing a new one will vary in price from $300-$1,000, with most units averaging between $400-$700. 

Central Vacuum Packages

Getting yourself a whole new set of central vacuum components and accessories is a lot like Christmas. Sometimes it is hard to notice the lack of suction that older vacuums experience, but replacing every part will showcase the benefits beautifully. For a complete upgrade package, your costs are likely to range between $600 to $1,400.



The accessories that you have for your central vacuum are precious, but occasionally they get lost or mistreated. In these instances, don’t worry. Instead, simply visit your local vacuum store and find the parts you’re missing. Often, the piece needing replacement first is the power head attachment for the hose. This attachment will run between $50-$450, depending on your needs and expectations. 

Other common parts that need replacement are the attachable heads. These heads range from corner attachments to stair tools and will vary in price depending on their complexity. Overall, you can expect to spend around $30 for a single replacement head.

Choose the Right Central Vacuum Store

Make sure that you find the right company to fulfill your vacuum needs, as this will also play a role in the final cost. Reliable, friendly service should also be tantamount in your decision.

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Vacuum Service: Why You Need It

Vacuums are one of those modern marvels that are hard to truly appreciate. Sure, they clean our homes and keep our floors looking spotless, but they are also so well made that they rarely seem to break down or cause issues. 


This is a travesty because central vacuums in Calgary are a necessity that is often overlooked and not given its proper due in regards to regular repair and maintenance. 

Why should you seek vacuum repair services? Well,


Increase Suction with Central Vacuum Repair in Calgary


Increasing the suction pressure of your vacuum is a great way to reinvigorate its ability to clean effectively. This is often missed when performing regular vacuuming as the suction pressure will just very slowly begin to wane, but it won’t be noticeable unless you pick up a large object and clog the machine.


Repairman repairing of vacuum cleaner.


However, with regular vacuum service, it will be very noticeable how well the suction pressure is maintained, and things like crumbs and pet hair will immediately and forcibly be removed. This is a great boon for all who regularly enjoy the benefits of central vacuum repair in Calgary.


Replace Filters for Your Central Vacuum in Calgary


Central vacuums in Calgary have several filters to keep dirt sufficiently trapped, and these two will require regular maintenance. In some circumstances, they are fixed to the vacuum and must be cleaned regularly, but in most cases, they are a removable and replaceable part of the vacuuming system that is greatly improved with regular attention.


Therefore, it is in the best interest of every owner of a central vacuum system in Calgary, and truthfully, any owner of a vacuum, that regular service for their vacuums is upheld. This can occur annually, but it can also be greatly benefitted by performing service more often. 


However, don’t be fooled into thinking that your central vacuum repair is sufficient, and there is no responsibility for the owner. In fact, regularly emptying the holding tank, inspecting the hose for leaks, and cleaning the attachable heads are all great ways to improve your vacuum’s capabilities. The responsibility is still very much appreciated by your vacuum cleaner, and certainly, your vacuum cleaner serviceperson. 


At The Vacuum District, we are dedicated to bringing you the best products to clean your home, and our professionals will do their best to do any repairs and recommend the best products! Contact us today at (403) 454-4822 or send an email to [email protected].