The Vacuum District was created by professionals dedicated to selling only the best vacuums on the market. If you’ve ever purchased a vacuum that didn’t last more than few months or that was all but useless at removing small particles from your floor, then you didn’t find the right vacuum. Vacuum products are created for the same purpose but not created equally.  We do more than buy and test the most popular vacuum cleaners. We take it a step further by tracking trends and studying the newest technologies over time. This gives us an in-depth understanding of modern vacuum features. We opened our first vacuum store with the goal of getting quality vacuums into every Calgary home.

Marketers use a lot of big words and fun names that naturally grab your attention as a consumer, and our goal is to help you understand what those words mean and what those advanced features can do for your home or your office.

Our goal is to serve as a one-stop vacuum shop that meets all the needs of Calgary residents. In addition to stocking only the best vacuums at all price points, we carry a variety of accessories that can improve the functionality and efficiency of your vacuum cleaner. We even stock parts if you want to repair a vacuum rather than invest in a new one. We are fully committed to providing prompt service and expert information regarding all vacuum systems.

Why Choose
The Vacuum District

The Vacuum District gives you the opportunity to connect with experts who have dedicated their professional lives to maintaining, repairing and selling the best vacuums on the market. Our expertise is your guarantee for exceptional service.


Square footage of home and number of outlets determine size of central vacuum unit. 
We do full and free in store estimates with no obligations

NO! Products vary in quality, performance, warranty and maintenance 

We carry parts for all makes of vacuums. We can also ship them directly to you

You can drop off your vacuum anytime. We can usually look at your vacuum while you wait!

Yes, we do complimentary in store and in home demonstrations