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The Vacuum District is the best place in Calgary to find vacuums for residential and commercial use. Esteam Cleaning Systems manufactures truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment for your convenience. We also carry Esteam hot water extractors, chemical cleaning solutions, and everything else you need for carpet cleaning and restoration. Esteam systems are dependable, innovative, and effective, utilizing cutting edge cleaning technology. Esteam products have led the industry in cleaning equipment, supplies and accessories for over thirty years.


The Power of Esteam’s Ninja Classic

The crowning jewel of Esteam Cleaning Systems is the world famous Ninja Classic. With multiple pumps, vacuum options and water capacities, Esteam has a unit that will suit all professional cleaning requirements. The Ninja Classic is convenient and reliable like no other machine on the market. Rely on the Ninja Classic to save you time, money, hassles, and headaches! The adjustable pumps are versatile; whether you need to clean carpet or upholstery. For great air-flow and sealed suction, come to The Vacuum District to ask us about the Esteam Ninja Classic portable extractor unit.

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