5 Vacuum Filter Types

Owning a vacuum means having the budget for vacuum repair in Calgary, particularly when it comes to filters. Filters are a vital cog of your unit, whether it is a regular or central vacuum, and changing them is vitally important. 

But when should you change them? What unit should you use to replace them? We take a deep dive into the types of vacuum filters available for you. 

5 Types of Vacuum Filters 

Depending on your vacuum brand and model, you should know which filters will work best for your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you consider the following two options: 

Primary Filters

  • Most regular and central vacuums come with multiple filters to provide as much protection and clean suction as possible. Your primacy filter is the one that collects the most dust and dirt, and therefore, is your most important choice. 

Secondary Filters

  • These filters serve to trap the remainder of dust and dirt before they contact the working parts of the vacuum. You should never ignore your secondary filter. 
Man replacing an air filter in vacuum cleaner at home

Look at your vacuum model and which filter between the primary and secondary needs to be replaced. From there, you can see which option below is best for your model: 

  • Cartridge filters are typically disposable and can be reused after thoroughly cleaning them by tapping off the dust. They can be used for both primary and secondary filters. 
  • Cloth filters work well in large vacuums that need to pick up larger and normal-size particles. They can also be reused and are considered heavy-duty. 
  • Foam filters are primarily used as secondary filters to separate the air from the dust, dirt and particles that have been collected.
  • Disk filters are primary options for portable vacuums like cordless models and robotic vacs. They hold less dust and dirt than most other types of filters and are more expensive than they should be. 
  • HEPA filters are considered the best of the best. Short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, it is effective in removing 99.995% of harmful airborne particles.

When To Change Your Vacuum Filters 

It would help if you change your filters under these conditions, to avoid paying costly vacuum repairs in Calgary

  • Every two to three years, if not beforehand
  • If you detect a musty odour when the vacuum is in use
  • If the filter is damaged, then change it immediately 
  • If you find the filter is heavily soiled, replace it immediately.

We hope that this guide can help you when it comes to understanding vacuum filters and when you should change yours. 

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4 Creative Vacuum Storage Ideas From a Calgary Vacuum Store

It’s one of those annoying problems that every homeowner has to deal with: where do you store the vacuum? Unlike other appliances in your home, none is as complicated as the vacuum. It’s important, expensive and needs to be treated carefully. It can also be dirty and takes up more room than expected. Thankfully, these four creative ideas from your trusted Calgary vacuum store should help.  

Four Vacuum Storage Ideas From Your Calgary Vacuum Store  

The Garage/Laundry Room

If there are two places in the home suitable to store a vacuum, it’s the garage and the laundry room. You will always find some space in these rooms (more the garage than the laundry room), and you can easily store them away vertically and horizontally. It’s not really a creative idea from a vacuum store in Calgary, but it’s the most logical. 

Hanging It In A Utility Closet 

Perhaps the most common place people will put a vacuum, but just shoving it in there is going to remove any chance of you having room for other things. But if you buy a hanger and attach it to the back of the door, you’ve just saved yourself plenty of space. Hook up your vacuum to the hanger and voila! Just make sure that buy a high-quality hanger that is sturdy. The last thing you want is the vacuum to fall, break and you end up paying for vacuum parts in Calgary.  

Get It In The Walls 

Is storing a vacuum in your wall even possible? If you have a central vacuum, it is. If you are sick of trying to find space for your vacuum and want to enjoy a product that’s simple to use and effective, then a central vacuum is for you. There are plenty of central vacuums in Calgary for you to choose, so you can find one that works for your home. It also has the added benefit of throwing away your old one and not worrying about storing it anymore!  

Store It Under Your Bed

Storing your vacuum vertically can be a real pain. So why not store it horizontally? All you have to do is lie it flat and slide it under your bed. It will be out of the way, and easy to find. The only caveat is that you have to clean it after you’re done using it. You don’t want a dirty vacuum or vacuum bag under your bed while you’re asleep!

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Summer Tips for Maintaining Your Central Vacuum System

With summer fast approaching, there is no question that your floor is going to be covered in dust and debris. It’s summer – you’ll be outside so much you won’t know you even brought it into your home! With so much work to do, you’re going to have to make sure that your central vacuum is running at full capacity.

Key Sumer Tips For Maintaining Your Central Vacuum System

  • Empty It As Often As Possible:
    As summer approaches, it is time to empty your canister as often as possible. You don’t want your central vacuum to be clogged up as the summer starts, and worse, not operating as it should. Clean it out as often as you can.
  • Clean The Filter:
    If your filter is clogged up, you’re going to find that your vacuum isn’t going to work as well as it should be, so make sure that you clean it regularly. Remove all the dirt from the filter, so that any loose debris is cleared out. A clean filter means a better run central vacuum system.
  • Clean The Brush Roll:
    The brush roll on your central vacuum can become clogged or impeded with plenty of dirt and debris, which means you will have to check it often and remove any particles that are blocking it. A dirty brush roll means it’s harder for you to clean your home.
  • Replace The Bags:
    If your central vacuum has bags, you want to make sure you replace them as often as possible. One mistake that people do is that they wait until the bag is full before underloading it. By doing so, they put extra pressure on their central vacuums, so it does not work as well. Empty it when it is about two-thirds full.
  • Clear The Hose:
    Notice that your suction isn’t working as well as it should be? Chances are that the hose could be backed-up. Make sure that you clear it out and check that nothing significant is clogging it up. Its
  • Check The Belt:
    Make sure that you check the belt of your vacuum. There are chances that there could be issues, if it isn’t tight against the roll, stretched out, frayed or slid out of place. You might have to replace it at a central vacuum repair in Calgary if that’s the case.

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5 Common Vacuum Problems

Let’s admit this: when it comes to cleaning your home, vacuuming is not on top of the list. To make matters worse, you find that your machine is not working for some reason. What could be the problem, and how do you fix it?

Five Common Vacuum Problems You Will Face

  1. Your Machine Has Suction Problems
    Perhaps the most annoying problem that comes with your vacuum: it does not provide any suction whatsoever. It is the most common problem that people face, and usually, is not a cause for concern. You can either have a full cleaning bag (which you can change), a full canister (you can change it too!), blockages (which can be cleared out) or dirty filters (which can be cleaned). In some serious cases, there could be holes in the hose, or the brushes could be damaged. You will have to replace them both at a vacuum repair store in Calgary.
  2. The Debris Trail
    Imagine you got the suction working then you turn around to notice that there is a stream of dirt behind you. So while the suction is working, it is not doing its job at full tilt. In most situations, it is because you have a full dust bag, your brush is dirty, or the roller brush broke. You will have to look for vacuum parts in Calgary to get them replaced.
  3. It Is Not Staying On
    Now and then you might notice that your vacuum is not turning on as it should. When a cleaner starts to lose its power, the most common reason is that the machine is overheating. But in some unfortunate circumstances, it could be something as small as the motor carbon brush. The best way to narrow down this problem is to turn off your vacuum, restart it, check your machine and if it still does not work, take it to a vacuum repair shop in Calgary for more assistance.
  4. It Is Not Turning On
    If your vacuum not staying on is giving you grief, nothing will drive you crazier than it not turning on at all! If your machine does not turn on, try another power socket or even an extension cord. If that doesn’t work, run through some troubleshooting options from your manual. If you still have no luck at all, there could be some serious problems with your machine, so taking it to a vacuum store in Calgary is your best bet.
  5. There Is A Bad Smell
    While it is not a shock that a vacuum cleaner might smell bad now and then, there is always the chance that it could become unbearable in some cases. It is one of the more annoying vacuum problems you’ll face. If it smells real bad, there could be a few reasons for it, including that the cleaning bag is emitting the smell (think about what goes in there), the filters are dirty, or something is stuck in the hose. Either way, you have to go about clearing out your machine to see if the smell goes away.

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What to Try Before Calling a Vacuum Repair Company

When it comes to any appliance in your home, repairs and replacements can be costly and time-consuming. Your vacuum is something that you don’t want to have quit, especially if you have kids or pets. While most vacuum stores in Calgary take care of repairs, there are some things you can try on your own before calling the experts.

1. Raise the Height

If you’re experiencing difficulty moving the vacuum across your carpet, the problem may be that your carpet is too plush or thick. Try raising the height just a notch or two for improved ease of use. Keep in mind if you raise the appliance too much, the cleaning abilities of your vacuum may suffer.

2. Clean & Replace Filters

If the suction of your vacuum cleaner is starting to diminish, the first thing to check is the filter. Bagless vacuum cleaners require regular cleaning and replacement of filters. If your filters are no longer translucent, they likely aren’t doing a very good job. You can purchase any replacement filters at a Calgary vacuum store.

3. Clear the HoseIf

you vacuum a cluttered area and happen to pick up a larger object, there is a chance your hose may become clogged. Turn off your vacuum immediately and clear the tube with something long and skinny like a broomstick. If the clog is severe, you may need to bring it in for professional vacuum repair in Calgary.

Expert Vacuum Repairs in Calgary

Anything above and beyond minor fixes should be left to a vacuum repair company. If you tamper with your appliance, the warranty may become void or lead to more costly repairs in the future. A Calgary vacuum store carries replacement vacuum parts and usually offers professional repairs. If you want the best service, look for a store that services a wide range of machines; they will have the knowledge and experience you can rely on to get your vacuum repairs completed well and in a timely manner.

At The Vacuum district, we are dedicated to bringing you the best products to clean your home, and our professionals will do their best to do any repairs and recommend the best products! Contact us today at (403) 454-4822 or send an email to [email protected].

What You Need To Know Before Installing a Central Vacuum

There’s never been a better time to install a central vacuum in your home. Not only can it make your cleaning routine more efficient and convenient, but there are also other benefits that come with a central vacuum installation. If you’re considering making the change, you may want to consider these four things before proceeding.

1. How Much Does a Central Vacuum Cost?

There are quite a few different brands of central vacuums, each with various lines of products, so the cost of a machine can differ. You can purchase a basic model for only a couple hundred dollars, but more advanced and industrial grade systems can cost over a thousand. You’ll also need to consider the cost of the installation and any additional accessories you’ll need.

2. What is the Central Vacuum Installation Process?

Most people believe that a central vacuum installation needs to occur during a home’s construction, or that it takes extensive renovations to add one to an existing home. The truth is, the amount of work required is quite minimal. The unit itself stays in the garage while PVC tubing runs to each inlet. There is no need for the demolition of any walls; the inlet valve conceals the only hole made during the process, and the piping runs seamlessly from the system through the walls to each outlet. Keep in mind that outlets can only be on interior walls.

3. Does a Central Vacuum Affect the Value of Your Home?

The short answer is, Yes! In Calgary, central vacuums can increase the resale value of your home. They are also an attractive selling feature for potential buyers. They are quiet, versatile, good for the environment, and known to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air.

4. What Accessories do I Need for a Central Vacuum?

Parts and accessories for your central vacuum are available at a vacuum store in Calgary. You can purchase extension wands, replacement heads for rugs and upholstery, and more. Depending on the size and layout of your house, you may need different attachments. You can look into purchasing special floor tools, fittings, inlet valves, vacpan sweep inlets.

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