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Clogged vacuum cleaner, overturned and cleaned out.

5 Common Vacuum Problems

Let’s admit this: when it comes to cleaning your home, vacuuming is not on top of the list. To make matters worse, you find that your machine is not working for some reason. What could be the problem, and how do you fix it?

Five Common Vacuum Problems You Will Face

  1. Your Machine Has Suction Problems
    Perhaps the most annoying problem that comes with your vacuum: it does not provide any suction whatsoever. It is the most common problem that people face, and usually, is not a cause for concern. You can either have a full cleaning bag (which you can change), a full canister (you can change it too!), blockages (which can be cleared out) or dirty filters (which can be cleaned). In some serious cases, there could be holes in the hose, or the brushes could be damaged. You will have to replace them both at a vacuum repair store in Calgary.
  2. The Debris Trail
    Imagine you got the suction working then you turn around to notice that there is a stream of dirt behind you. So while the suction is working, it is not doing its job at full tilt. In most situations, it is because you have a full dust bag, your brush is dirty, or the roller brush broke. You will have to look for vacuum parts in Calgary to get them replaced.
  3. It Is Not Staying On
    Now and then you might notice that your vacuum is not turning on as it should. When a cleaner starts to lose its power, the most common reason is that the machine is overheating. But in some unfortunate circumstances, it could be something as small as the motor carbon brush. The best way to narrow down this problem is to turn off your vacuum, restart it, check your machine and if it still does not work, take it to a vacuum repair shop in Calgary for more assistance.
  4. It Is Not Turning On
    If your vacuum not staying on is giving you grief, nothing will drive you crazier than it not turning on at all! If your machine does not turn on, try another power socket or even an extension cord. If that doesn’t work, run through some troubleshooting options from your manual. If you still have no luck at all, there could be some serious problems with your machine, so taking it to a vacuum store in Calgary is your best bet.
  5. There Is A Bad Smell
    While it is not a shock that a vacuum cleaner might smell bad now and then, there is always the chance that it could become unbearable in some cases. It is one of the more annoying vacuum problems you’ll face. If it smells real bad, there could be a few reasons for it, including that the cleaning bag is emitting the smell (think about what goes in there), the filters are dirty, or something is stuck in the hose. Either way, you have to go about clearing out your machine to see if the smell goes away.

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