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For that extra push when you need aggressive action to get ground-in dirt, the SEBO Automatic X4 Boost has what it takes! Designed with two truly automatic height adjustments you can select the one that’s best for the cleaning job at hand. Combined with a low, 5.5-inch lay-flat profile the X4 Boost can tackle any cleaning job in your home.

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Technologically Advanced

While many vacuums offer height adjustment, SEBO has created an upright with true automatic height adjustment that uses an electronic controller to measure the resistance of the spinning brushroll against the floor. As you move from carpet to bare floors, or low to high-pile carpeting, it automatically adjusts up or down to place the brushroll at the height necessary for optimal cleaning.


That Extra Boost

The X4 Boost goes one step further by add another automatic height adjustment so you can choose the desired level of brush agitation. While the default setting is usually fine for most floor types, by activating the Boost Button, greater resistance against the brush roller is created before height adjustments are made. This produces more aggressive brush action—ideal for really tough ground in dirt, dried mud, or fine beach sand. Then X4 Boost’s powerful suction pulls in every particle the brushroll extracts.


The Finer Things


For surface cleaning furniture, drapes, curtains and more, the SEBO X4 Boost provides an instant-use wand and suction hose that creates 15 feet of cleaning reach so you can get into every corner, high and low. 3 on-board full-sized tools include:

  • Dusting Brush with horsehair bristles that capture even fine dust without scratching surfaces.
  • Upholstery Nozzle features a flexible strip with short bristles enables to quickly remove lint and hair from fabrics.
  • Crevice Tool is perfect for reaching in between sofa cushions and other tight spaces.

Superior Sealed Filtration

SEBO vacuums boast S-class hospital grade filtration in a sealed system so you can be sure all that dust and dirt stays in the vacuum instead of exhausted into your air. The 4-layer filter bags fill from the top, depositing dirt in the bottom for upward accumulation. Air exists through the sides of the bag for unimpeded airflow and continuous, consistent suction.

Bags can be sealed when full prior to removal so nothing escapes back into your home. Dust and allergens remain inside instead of becoming airborne making this a superior vacuum for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Convenient Low Maintenance

Vacuums can take a lot of rough treatment keeping our homes clean and need to be maintained for maximum effectiveness. The SEBO X4 Boost is equipped with indicator lights to alert you so required maintenance is performed in a timely way.

  • Worn Brush Light – When the brushroll bristles are worn so that agitation is less effective, a red light remains illuminated during use. Installing a new brushroll or just cleaning hair and debris from a used one is super quick and easy. With the push of a button, you can slide the brushroll out, remove accumulated hair, threads, or other debris—or replace if needed—and slip it back into place with a click.
  • Bag Full or Clog Light – Illumination of this light indicates that the bag is full, there is a clog in the airflow pathway, or the microfilter is excessively dirty. The vacuum with automatically shut off after 30 seconds and the warning light will flash. This keeps the motor from overheating, helping to prevent damage. The unique clog door on the bottom can be opened for swift removal of the obstruction.
  • Brush Obstruction Light – While cleaning underneath beds and furniture, your vacuum can suck up a stray sock or toy that obstructs the airflow. The SEBO Automatic X4 Boost’s “check brush” light will illuminate, the brushroll will immediately stop spinning, and the vacuum with shut off until the obstruction is cleared.


Outstanding Features


  • timing-belt driven brush with clutch protection.
  • Protective, rubber-coated wheels that won’t leave marks on your floor while providing smooth maneuverability.
  • Automatic upward powerhead adjustment when the vacuum is used in a stationary upright position. Should the brushroll still touch the carpet, a warning light will let you know to help prevent brush marks.
  • Forty-foot power cord means fewer stops to change outlets.
  • Large 1.4 gallon filter bag provides more time between changes and fewer changes overall, saving you both time and money.
  • Combination carrying handle with a rotating cord hood makes the X4 Boost easy to carry or quickly unwind the power cord.


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