The Sebo Mechanical 350 is one of the more convenient commercial vacuums on the market. With its on board tools and flat to floor cleaning ability this vacuum cleaner can clean hard to reach areas and under low furniture. Featuring SEBO’s sealed system and 3-stage filtration for 99.97% effective removal of allergens, dust and dirt from your home

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Try a SEBO Mechanical Upright vacuum cleaner and you will be impressed by its outstanding cleaning power, first-class filtering system, and of course, ease of use.


  • Vacuum Motor: Max 1000 Watts
  • Air Flow (at Motor): 103.8 CFM
  • Water Lift (at Motor): 92.5 in. H2O
  • Cord Length: 39 Feet
  • Filter Bag: Volume 5.0 Litres 3-Ply
  • Body Weight:18 lbs
  • Working Width: 14 inches
  • Motor Protection: Thermal Cut-Out
  • Colours Available: Dark grey / Light Grey
  • Brush Speed: 3100 rpm
  • Brush Drive: Toothed belt with mechanical overload protection


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