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Everything You Need to Know About Central Vacuum Installations

Central vacuum installations add convenience to your everyday cleaning tasks. Whether or not you have a central vacuum in your home, there is likely a lot that you don’t know about central vacuum installations. We will answer some frequently asked questions about the central vacuum installation process.

What is a Central Vacuum?

Central vacuum systems include a power unit that is traditionally installed in a basement or garage. Small inlets are then placed throughout the house that will attach to hoses and other accessories. A central vacuum system gets rid of the need to lug a heavy and cumbersome appliance throughout your home.

When Can I Install a Central Vacuum?

Some people might think that central vacuums can only be installed during the home-building process. While it is easy to add the system during construction, central vacuum installation can occur at any time, even within your established home, without destroying any interior walls. The process can be completed with little disruption to your daily life.

What are the Benefits of a Central Vacuum?

In addition to the convenience and space-saving benefits, there are many reasons to consider getting a central vacuum installation. A central vacuum can increase the resale value of your home. In fact, your home’s value could rise by up to $2000. Central vacuums are also significantly quieter than traditional alternatives.

How Long Does a Central Vacuum Last?

Your central vacuum will outlive any other vacuum cleaner on the market today. You can count on most central vacuums to last for 20 years or more. If you ever need repairs or replacement parts, go to a vacuum store in Calgary to find everything you need.

Before you go ahead with a central vacuum installation, talk to the experts at a Calgary vacuum store. They can answer any additional questions you have about inlets, accessories, and the best brands on the market.

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