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The Cost Of A Central Vacuum System In Calgary

Choosing a central vacuum system for your home ultimately depends on what you’re looking for and what you can afford. Having an in-depth understanding of the factors that can impact a central vacuum cost can help you choose the best model for your home.

Let’s take a look at these factors below: 

Factors That Impact The Cost of Central Vacuums 

  • The Brand of the Vacuum Specific brands and manufacturers are better than others in terms of value, efficiency and quality. That means you’ll have to pay more for them. However, you are getting a better quality unit that works better and lasts longer. 
  • The Type of Unit – There are numerous types of units available, each with its pros and cons. Depending on what you choose, it will impact the final cost of the project. 
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  • The Installation of the Unit – You cannot install the central vacuum yourself, as much as you would like to. You’re going to need a professional to do the job for you, which will set you back in terms of installation and labour fees. It’s best to find a Calgary vacuum store that offers the product and installation services, as you’ll be able to get yourself a package deal. 
  • The Accessories You Need – You might find that you need specific accessories to help clean your house. These attachments, such as for steam cleaning or carpet cleaning, are added fees that will cost more as they would be specific to your needs. You should also consider spare parts that you might need. 
  • The Maintenance Required – Although not part of the initial outlay, you should consider how often you need to make repairs for the unit and the maintenance level required. That way, you know what to pay for in the future. 

The Average Cost of Central Vacuums in Calgary

Unless you speak directly to an expert and look at each model, it can be difficult to determine the cost of a central vacuum in Calgary. Our research did highlight some important numbers: 

Home Advisor states that it costs between “$1,143 – $2,204” for a central vacuum, while Improvenet offers similar numbers, saying that the average cost range is “$1,341 to $1,904”, with the median cost being $1,635. 

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