SMART Series SMD700 Central Vacuum



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An advanced central vacuum designed to clean large size homes.


LCD display screen

The easy to navigate LCD user-interface screen provides data on your system’s performance, use and maintenance.

Redesigned Latches

The newly designed latches make unlocking and emptying the dirt bucket an easy task. The bucket locks back into place with a superior seal to make sure the dirt and dust stays in the bucket.

Self-cleaning Filter

Our exclusive patented self-cleaning filter removes 98% of particles, protecting the motor and keeping superior suction over the life of your vacuum.

Optional HEPA Allergy Plus Filtration

The optional HEPA Allergy Plus filter purifies the air to 99.97%, removing any impurities or allergens left after filtration, and diffuses it before recirculating, eliminating the need to exhaust to the outside.


Technical Data


    • Air Flow: 125 CFM
    • AirWatts: 700 AW
    • Motor Type: Thru-Flow
    • Sound Level: 72 dBA
    • Voltage Rating: 120 V


    Vacuum Specifications

    • Dust Capacity: 31 litres
    • Filtration Type: Self-Cleaning filter with Gore®
    • Technology: LCD Screen
    • Warranty*: 7 years / 1 year labour
    • Water Lift Suction: 123” of H2O



Additional information

Weight 12.7006 kg
Dimensions 35.6 × 106.7 cm


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