Sebo ET-1 power head


Sebo ET-1 is a commercial grade electric power head. Advanced technology for a superior cleaning performance


SEBO ET-1 powerhead is backed by a 10 year warranty. Convenient features that will make vacuuming every corner of your home a lot easier! Its 4 level height adjustment will allow you to get optimal performance on different types of carpet. You can also use the ET-1 power head on all floors by turning off the brush roller with the on-off button.

Sebo’s ET-1 ultra low profile and 180° steering ability will make it even easier for you to vacuum under and around furniture. A warning light will also inform you of any obstructions. The user can easily remove the item that caused the blockage through a convenient access door under the power head. Featuring a quick and easy removable roller brush for maintenance and cleaning . Finally, its high quality rubberized wheels will protect your floors from scratches and scuffs. Available In New Colors: Red, White, Orange and Black.



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