Wessel werk TK284 Turbine/Air driven



Wessel werk TK284 Turbo brush is entry level for cleaning of carpets. Can be equipped to fit any vacuum

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TK 284 turbo brush is the high-quality entry-level solution for deep cleaning of carpets. Like the other Wessel turbo brush models, TK 284 can precisely adjusted to optimize performance with the selection of the optimal modular intake in combination to the targeted vacuum cleaner. Along offering a reliable cleaning performance, ease of use is guaranteed by the double-swivel neck and its soft rolls. Resistance dirt has no chance, as it will easily brushed out by roller-brush with durable double-V-shaped nylon bristles. Surface refreshment as side effect is inclusive.


  • Effective removal of common household dust as well as pet hair, mites, and allergens.
  • Provides increased effectiveness from agitation by the high-speed double chevron brush roll
  • This Wessel-Werk turbo brush can be precisely adjusted to optimize cleaning performance with the selection of the optimal modular intake gate
  • Color may vary depending on availability ( WHITE OR BLACK )


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