SMART Series SMD650 Central Vacuum



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Excellent cleaning performance designed to clean medium to large size homes.


Integrated Silencer

The integrated silencer acts as a muffler keeping the sound of the motor low, at a sound level of 72 dBA, quieter than a telephone dial tone.

Redesigned Latches

The newly designed latches make unlocking and emptying the dirt bucket an easy task. The bucket locks back into place with a superior seal to make sure the dirt and dust stays in the bucket.

Self-cleaning Filter

Our exclusive patented self-cleaning filter removes 98% of particles, protecting the motor and keeping superior suction over the life of your vacuum.

Optional HEPA Allergy Plus Filtration

The optional HEPA Allergy Plus filter purifies the air to 99.97%, removing any impurities or allergens left after filtration, and diffuses it before recirculating, eliminating the need to exhaust to the outside.


Technical Data


    • Air Flow: 119 CFM
    • AirWatts: 650 AW
    • Motor Type: Thru-Flow
    • Sound Level: 72 dBA
    • Voltage Rating: 120 V


    Vacuum Specifications

    • Dust Capacity: 31 litres
    • Filtration Type: Self-Cleaning filter with Gore®
    • Technology: 2 LED Button
    • Warranty*: 7 years / 1 year labour
    • Water Lift Suction: 126” of H2O



Additional information

Weight 11.3398 kg
Dimensions 35.6 × 106.7 cm


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