Wessel werk EBK360 soft clean



Wessel werk EBK-360 soft clean is designed to work on plush carpets. Configures to most central vacuums and portable vacuums

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What is Soft Carpeting?

Soft Carpet is the newest carpet trend sweeping the market. This carpeting is creamy to the touch and comes in a wide assortment of styles, materials, and colors but it’s also manufactured with the same durability as more commercial products, making it truly the best of both worlds. What makes these carpets so soft is a new technique separating each carpet fiber into multiple fibers. The result is an ultra plush carpet.

While this carpeting is truly luxurious, consumers are finding that standard vacuum heads struggle to maneuver over the extra thick piling. The dense fibers make it difficult to push a vacuum across the floor. Additionally, standard powerheads can lock onto soft carpet and damage or burn the fibers.


Soft Clean EBK360 Features:

  • No Sealed Suction – To eliminate the chance of a powerhead locking onto the dense carpet and damaging the fibers, the Soft Clean EBK360 is designed with suction release holes along the bottom of the powerhead
  • LED headlight. Extremely durable, long lasting LED Headlight will not fail like conventional incandescent lamps. High output LEDs guarantees superior illumination.
  • Circuit Protection. Avoids unnecessary abuse of motor, belt, light and electrical connections. Protects the nozzle as well as any object that is picked up unintentionally.
  • Pivot/swivel neck assembly. Excellent maneuverability for cleaning anywhere, especially hard to reach areas. Unique fully articulating operation.
  • Height adjustment. The unique height adjustment pedal offers five carpet height settings. The EBK 360 height adjustment can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thickness.
  • Large intake orifice Dramatically reduce the chance of clogging and increases air flow to achieve enhanced effectiveness.
  • Sculpted chevron brush roll guides debris towards intake orifice; provides constant and even brush contact to the floor; reduces wear and prolongs the life of the belt, bearings, motor, etc.
  • Four soft wheels ensures quiet high performance handling.
  • Quick disconnect neck makes the EBK 360 easy to use when disconnecting power head to use other tools. No bending required to disengage wand.
  • Side channels. Allows for excellent edge cleaning performance.
  • Cogged Belt. Eliminates belt slip and increases belt durability assuring long-term maintenance free operation.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in white and black

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