SEBO Felix Premium Onyx



The SEBO FELIX  Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner perfectly combines the capabilities of an upright vacuum with the flexibility of a canister plus the added advantage of converting to a hand-held-model.

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German-Built Toughness

Armed with a 1300-watt high-quality motor and a brush roll speed of 2700 RPM, SEBO’s Felix 1 so swiftly and completely makes fur, pet hair, and dander disappear, you may think it’s magic. Whether you have deep or medium pile carpeting, plush oriental or scatter rugs, or even bare floors, this power head can be easily adjusted to accommodate any type.


  • Electric Power Head: With aggressive, electric brush roll action, the SEBO FELIX 1 Premium’s ET-1 brush head digs deep to eliminate pet hair from carpeting. This power head tells you when the brush roll height should be changed for optimal cleaning so you can adjust to the best of 4 levels.
  • Turn Brush roll Off: When cleaning bare floors or delicate rugs, the ET-1 power head can be turned into a straight-suction vacuum via the switch on the handle.
  • Edge Cleaning: Superior edge cleaning along its extended side removes dirt and fuzz trapped against walls. You can actually watch as debris is sucked away from baseboards into the vacuum.
  • Parquet Brush: For fast and thorough cleaning of large hard floor areas, the parquet brush is the master.

Superior Allergen Control

It’s no secret that our beloved pets can leave triggers behind which wreak havoc on the bodies of allergy and asthma sufferers. SEBO’s sealed filtration system provides this upright vacuum with medical grade filtration to eliminate airborne allergens and improve indoor air quality.

  • Top Fill Bag: This multi-layer dust bag accumulates debris from the bottom up so dirt and dust isn’t recirculated inside the unit. Seal it with the dust cap to ensure no allergens escape during removal and disposal.
  • Pre-Motor Filters: After passing through the filter bag, air is further refined by a pre-motor filter before passing over the motor. Cleaner air passing over the motor extends its life expectancy.
  • Micro-filtration: Constructed of electrostatic microfibers, the S-class micro-filter removes 99.9% of harmful air particles down to 0.3 microns

Additional information

Product Details

8.34 kg

Suction Motor
1000 watts

Brush Motor
175 watts

Power Head Width
12 in.

102 CFM

Water Lift
90 in.

Belt Guarantee
5 years

Height Adjustment

Suction Motor Protection
Thermal cut-out

Bag Capacity
3.5 Litres

Brush Height Settings

Sound Level
68 dBA

Cord Length/Range
31 ft.

Hose Length
6 ft.

Crevice Tool, ET-1 Power Head, Premium Parquet Brush, Upholstery Tool

10 Years