SEBO Automatic X7 Premium Pastel Mint



SEBO X7 Premium upright vacuum with a 12″ power head with boost button and head lamp.


The SEBO Automatic X7 and X7 Premium, as well as the SEBO Automatic X8 all feature truly automatic height adjustment so you always know your brush is set to the perfect height for your carpet or hard floor.

Feeling ambitious? Press the Boost Button on the X7 Premium and the spinning brush will lower itself to do more intense brushing. It also features a head lamp to help you see dirt and dust more easily as you vacuum.

No need to guess about clogging, worn brushes or full bags either – AUTOMATIC X vacuums alert you when these things happen, making vacuum maintenance easy as pie.

Our special X7 Premium Pet was made for homes with dogs and cats in mind. It features an included extension hose, hand-held turbo brush and comes equipped with a charcoal filter to cut down on odors from vacuuming pet hair and dander.


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