Miele SEB 236 Electro Premium Electric Powerhead



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Miele SEB236 Electro Premium Electric Powerhead



Miele SEB 236 Electro Premium Electric Powerhead allows you to easily deep clean all kinds of low- to high-pile carpets. With a 13 3/8″-wide brush roll, this powerhead provides you with five height adjustments for various carpet densities and is an excellent tool for removing pet hair from carpets and rugs. It runs on a geared belt (similar to a timing belt in your car), making it extremely reliable and effective. The powerhead has a swivel neck for maximum maneuverability. Below are two features exclusive to this particular model:




  • An integrated LED light: This is a great feature when vacuuming dark spaces such as under a bed and bumper to protect your walls and furniture. 


  • An anti-jam feature stops the Roller Brush automatically if anything gets jammed in the brush. This is a safety feature to protect the Belt mechanism, the motor and the carpets from getting damaged.



Fits All Miele canisters with an existing electric metal Wand and or an existing Electric Powerhead. If your vacuum cleaner came with an electric powerhead (SEB217-3 or a SEB228) as a standard carpet tool, you could also use the SEB 236 with your vacuum.


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