7FT Stretch hose



7FT  Stretch Hose can stretch up to 30 feet making it an ideal hose. Compatible with all central vacuums

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A perfect way to utilize your existing system for quick clean-ups without getting out the long central vacuum hose! Excellent for the mudroom, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room . The small, 5-pound hose stretches as you make fast work of any quick clean-up. Vacuuming the kitchen daily is now a simple chore! Toss it in a small drawer for the next use.


Stretch Hose Features and Benefits

  • Stretches 7 to 30 feet!
  • Easy to Store, Retrieve and Use
  • Cleaner Home with Less Hassle
  • Use Your Extension Wands and Accessories
  • Wire reinforced
  • Non electric


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