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Designed to clean homes with a mix between carpeting and bare floors, the Sweep N Groom package is a welcome addition to any central vacuum system. Compatible with all central vacuums

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The self-adjusting Sweep N Groom will deep clean all carpet types, including low pile area rugs and thicker pile wall to wall carpeting. Since the power head uses a metal agitator it is perfect for homes where animal hair is present as it can stand up to the extra hair better than wooden or plastic agitators. The natural fiber floor brush will gently clean all bare floor surfaces, including hardwood, stone, tiles, and laminate.
Two separate wands are included in the package for an easier transition between carpeting and bare floors. One wand connects to the power nozzle and the second wand connects to the bare floor brush. Instead of disconnecting the power nozzle from the wand you can simply remove the hose handle with a press of a button, allowing you to re-connect the hose to the other wand. As well, for a thorough whole-house clean there is a variety of attachments provided. The crevice tool will help reach in tight spaces and corners, whereas the dusting brush and upholstery tool will allow you to clean the dust and debris from the remaining surfaces around the home.
The light weight and crush proof  hose is controlled by a 3-way switch. This hose will allow you to turn the suction on and off directly at the hose handle, as well as turn the power head on and off. There is no need to un-plug the hose to stop the suction
Key Features:
  • Dual voltage hose with 3 way switch for activating the vacuum and power head.
  • 3 position switch will allow turn the machine on and off at the hose handle.
  • 12″ cleaning path on power nozzle.
  • Power nozzle automatically adjusts to the proper height for carpets without the need for knobs or levers.
  • Metal brush roller.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Available in 30 and 35 FT hose lengths


Supplied Accessories:

  • Sweep n groom electric power nozzle
  • Dual voltage 3 way switch hose
  • 2 telescopic wands
  • 12″ bare floor brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Natural hair dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Tool caddy
  • Hose hanger

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30FT, 35FT


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