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Difference Between Residential & Commercial Vacuums

There are two types of main vacuums in terms of vacuums: regular, residential, and commercial vacuums. Although the former is for small locations and domestic cleaning, the latter is designed for industrial and commercial settings. 

From a distance, while they might not seem different, there’s actually a lot of key distinctions between residential and commercial vacuums. Let’s take a look at them below: 

Differences between Commercial & Residential Vacuums in Calgary 


Residential vacuums are significantly cheaper than commercial devices due to their smaller device, limited power source and quality. That doesn’t mean they’re bad or anything; they’re not just designed for large areas or specific types of surfaces. Aside from the overall price, you will notice that the repair and replacement components are also much more affordable and easier to find for residential vacuums than commercial vacuum repair

The Power of the Device 

Commercial vacuums are recognized for being more powerful (ranging from 1HP to 4HP) than regular residential vacuums due to the workplace they are needed for. Residential vacuums don’t have that source of power because they are not needed. More power means greater suction, which is helpful for specific areas. 


Capacity of the Vacuum

There are two purposes of a commercial vacuum: 1) to get the most vacuuming done in the smallest amount of time possible, and 2) to clean hard-to-clean surfaces and areas where you need that extra power and care. You’ll also have larger capacity bags enabling you to vacuum for longer without stopping. 

HEPA Filtration

Many residential vacuums will claim to be HEPA Vacuums. But due to the nature of them – and the areas they’re used in, they might be. On the other hand, commercial vacuums have to be HEPA filters because of the environments they work in. They’re tested and go through rigorous certification testing to meet the HEPA needs. That’s a key difference there. 

Other Factors 

There are many little factors that impact the quality of both these devices, including the warranty, weight, maintenance and repairs, replacement parts and accessories. You’ll have to consider all these factors when choosing between these systems. 

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