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  • Somat special salt ensures soft water and lime protection while dish washing. Tap water contains lime, which can be deposited on dishes and in the dishwasher
  • ULTRA PURE SALT QUALITY – Somat coarse-grained dishwasher salt is completely pure and free of insoluble ingredients, just what your dishwasher needs! 
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: Cuts right through hard water residue and limescale deposits in your dishwasher, eliminating existing buildup. A cleaner wash, every time!
  • ENSURES SOFT WATER – The water softening system removes the harmful lime from the water, leaving your dishwasher and your dishes residue-free, watermark-free, and spot-free
  • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE – Improves the performance and prolongs the life of the machine. Works with all compatible dishwasher machines including Miele, Bosch, Kenmore & Whirlpool


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