Quintessence Blue Lampe Berger

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Quintessence Blue Lampe Berger


Part of an elegant collection, the Quintessence Blue Lampe Berger describes with finesse the art of design by De Vog. Tinted in a captivating blue, this Berger lamp combines heritage and modernity, reflecting exceptional glassmaking know-how and innovative design. This creation by De Vog, where every detail counts, pays homage to artisanal tradition with authenticity and prestige.


Visually, the lamp displays a pronounced elegance with its transparent glass and its mesh design, decorated with silver. Its slender silhouette is signed with a distinctive headband, making this lamp a central piece of any interior decoration.






  • Includes, Quintessence Blue Lampe Berger, wick , funnel, diffuser top and stopper cap.