Prisme Garnet Scented Candle – Wilderness – 240 g

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A scented candle as memorable for its thrilling fragrance as for its deep color! The outer coating of the Prisme Garnet Wilderness Scented Candle’s vessel is translucent lacquer in a rich shade of garnet, while the inner coating is metallic. When lit, the candle adds a touch of brilliant shine to your space, as the deep hue imparts warmth and opulence. The silvery lid is engraved with a detailed pattern reminiscent of a Baroque motif. The unique effect of this candle is enhanced by its unexpected Wilderness fragrance. Zesty citrus notes meld with the powerful herbal freshness of tomato leaves and leathery white birch. The adventurous spirit of this fragrance and vivid candle creates an ambiance where anything can happen!




A powerful, conquering and airy fragrance with scents of tomato leaves alongside grapefruit and citrus on the top notes. Patchouli and white birch wood underscore an adventurous temperament while oakmoss exudes a lot of masculine sensuality.

Top Notes

Lime, Grapefruit, Clean Notes

Heart Notes

Tomato leaves

Base Notes
Earthy Patchouli, Oak Moss, White Birch


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