Pink Lampe Berger Gift Pack by Starck

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Starck x Maison Berger Paris, a renowned collaboration for exceptional creations. The Pink Lampe Berger Gift Pack by Starck illustrates itself through its unique design, appropriating and reinterpreting the codes of laboratory glassware used by chemists. Its simple and clean shape is enhanced by a lovely pink hue, feminine as can be. Topped with a finely crafted metal mount which gives an additional touch of sophistication to the object. The whole identity of the lamp holds through this elegant and original signature accessory, reminiscent of the molecular movements of a compound. Moreover, the color of this Pink Lampe Berger Gift Pack by Starck is a true nod to the packaging of the Peau de Soie cologne, which is included here as a 500ml indoor fragrance to purify and scent the air. Let the sensuality and second skin effect of the fragrance seduce you. The powdery, musky and woody notes of violet, white musk and patchouli envelope you and unite in a clever blend of contrasts between femininity and masculinity.



Peau de Soie


Peau de Soie is a paradox, that of a fragrance whose femininity is unveiled around a man’s heart. A feminine/masculine contrast, a game of seduction of raw materials: cherry and violet come together faced with modern aromatic notes to then harmonize on a woody and chypre base.





Cherry, Bergamot, Violet



Orris, Aromatic Notes, White Musk



Musk, Patchouli, Cyprussy notes





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