Miele Electro Plus Powerhead SEB 228



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Miele SEB228 Electro Plus Electric Powerhead



This electrically-driven carpet tool has a 14″-wide brush roll and is ideal for deep cleaning medium to high-pile and plush carpeting and is an excellent tool for removing pet hair from carpets and rugs. Equipped with a swivel neck and five level height adjustment, the SEB228 power brush offers maximum maneuverability and versatility. The very powerful 1.6 amp motor runs a huge chevron style brush roll with very short bristles. This helps create lots of agitation on the carpets, which helps remove all the dust, pet hair and pet dander from deep in the piles of the carpet. The five adjustable height settings allow you to use this powerhead on various carpets and rugs, from low pile to shag.

Fits All Miele canisters with an existing electric metal Wand and or an existing Electric Powerhead. If your vacuum cleaner came with an electric powerhead (SEB217-3 or a SEB236) as a standard carpet tool, you could also use the SEB 228 with your vacuum.