Miele Electro Comfort Powerhead SEB 217-3



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Miele’s most popular electric power head is the SEB217 because its light easy to push and very easy to maneuver around and under furniture.  This head is very simple; it works on all different carpet types and it has soft brushes that are gentle enough for delicate carpet.  Its most effective on low and medium pile carpets and area rugs.  The ultra swivel neck allow you to twist and turn the head through table legs and chairs with ease.  This head will lay flat and allow you to clean under low furniture without the brush lifting off of the carpet.  In case of a blockage this head will reset itself once any obstructions are removed so you can keep on cleaning.



Key Features:

  • Designed for low to medium pile carpet.
  • 11″ cleaning path.
  • Geared, non-slip belt.
  • Automatic height adjustment.
  • Button lock release.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • Compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaners with Direct Connect Power Wands.





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