Land of Spices Reed Diffuser Fragrance 200ml

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Land of Spices Reed Diffuser Fragrance 200ml



The loveliest stalls are offered to you with the Land of Spices reed diffuser fragrance and a world of scents unfolds in your interior. Pink pepper, saffron, clove and cinnamon come together in one fragrance. This intense blend strikes the right balance between freshness and warmth. The velvety notes of suede and plum and the more sultry notes of black rose balance the composition. The chypre notes of patchouli bring strength and govern the whole, supported by the resinous woodiness of the incense on an amber and musky base. Thanks to its sweet and spicy olfactory facets, this Land of Spices reed diffuser fragrance is your ally for perfuming your home. Perfect for a unique sensory experience!


The spicy freshness of pink pepper elegantly merges with the mellow and velvety note of the suede accord. Its floral heart of intense rose petals takes on a spicy facet thanks to saffron and cinnamon. A touch of plum adds modernity and a slight color. A chameleon-like fragrance suitable for any interior by comfortably closing on amber incense and patchouli.





Velvety suede, Pink pepper, Clove




Saffron, Black rose, Plum-Cinnamon




Incense, Patchouli, Musk-Amber