Lampe Berger Joy Trio Pack

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Will you opt for the verdant and delicate notes of Agaves Garden, the sparkling notes of Rhubarb Radiance or the sensual notes of Underneath the Magnolias? You’ll be spoiled for choice with this Lampe Berger Joy Trio Pack! Agaves Garden diffuses extremely pure scents. Blue agave, white freesia and sandalwood come together in charming sweetness, inviting you on a bucolic olfactory stroll. For more vitality and audacity, the fruity fragrance of Rhubarb Radiance will be more appropriate. Rhubarb, jasmine and cedar form a unique composition. Otherwise, you can also opt for Underneath the Magnolias and its remarkable floral bouquet, where rose and blue jacaranda mingle with peach and patchouli. Associated with a Lampe Berger, the gift pack with 3 x 250 ml Joy Lampe Berger Refills allows you to purify and perfume your interior while discovering new scents.