Lampe Berger Geode Paprika Lamp


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Lampe Berger Geode Paprika Lamp


Created by designer Armand Delsol, the Paprika Geode Lampe Berger has a distinctive shape. Its finesse makes for a tasteful decoration. The sphere shape gives it a gentle and harmonious dimension. The rounded lines of the catalytic lamp are modernised by the triangular facets and the relief work of the glass. The spicy red colour instantaneously livens up a room, giving it a timeless touch of exoticism. The silver-coloured sphere mount completes the whole and gives it new radiance. This Paprika Geode Lampe Berger fits in with current trends while retaining its functionality. Just combine it with a fragrance from our range of 70 catalogue fragrances to reveal the beauty of the object and thus be able to purify the air.


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