Lampe Berger Geode Blue Lamp

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Lampe Berger Geode Blue Lamp


This Blue Geode Lampe Berger features harmonious geometric proportions. Designer Armand Delsol was inspired by current decorative and architectural trends for this design. The eye is drawn to the coloured dome with profound blue shades, plunging you into a relaxing atmosphere conducive to daydreaming and letting your mind escape. The lacquered glass, instead of hindering the lightness of this object, emphasises the precision of the lines and highlights all of its reliefs, 3D style. This rounded structure is topped with a silver sphere-shaped mount, providing a radiant finish. The timeless and refined Blue Geode Lampe Berger decorates your interior with splendour. Just team it up with one of our catalogue 70 fragrances to discover a variety of scents and benefit from the purifying virtues of its catalytic system. Create the interior atmosphere you want!


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