Lamp Berger Vibes Grey

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The Lamp Berger Vibes Grey is the perfect embodiment of refinement and elegance.

With its sophisticated grey color, this lamp blends harmoniously into any décor, adding a contemporary touch. Designed to purify the air while delicately diffusing your favorite fragrance, it eliminates unwanted odors and invites a personalized olfactory experience.

Its sleek design and soft lines make it a timeless decorative object, ideal for creating a welcoming, purified atmosphere in your home. Sold without a refill, it gives you the freedom to choose from our wide range of fragrances for lamps Berger, allowing you to personalize your ambience as you wish. A must-have for lovers of elegant interiors and purified air.



  • Includes Lamp Berger Vibes Grey, wick , funnel, diffuser top and stopper cap.


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