Green Reed Diffuser Gift Set by Starck-Peau D’Ailleurs 400ML

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For his first collaboration with Maison Berger Paris, the designer Philippe Starck has imagined a laboratory of nine objects, inspired by the intelligence of science and the emotion of perfume, going back to the origins of the brand founded by the pharmacist Maurice Berger, inventor of the famous Lampe Berger. Philippe Starck, who makes everyday objects iconic, has designed a collection for Maison Berger Paris with pure and timeless lines.



Philippe Starck and Maison Berger Paris signed a unique collection in order to render each of their creations iconic and timeless. As elegant as it is original, the Peau d’Ailleurs Scented Bouquet by Starck is part of this little laboratory of objects, the shape of which was inspired by science, a nod to the foundation of the brand. Its green translucent hue, with its invigorating exuberance, stands out and gives it remarkable charm. A twist of materials is operated between the metal ring and its organic decorations, and the fineness of the glass, thus conferring personality and stature to the object. Recognizable through its domed and screen printed base, this Peau d’Ailleurs Scented Bouquet by Starck promotes lightness. The Peau d’Ailleurs fragrance is a call to a journey of the mind, and propels you in the middle of floral iris notes surrounded by green and mineral notes, which in turn are sublimed by a woody and musky base.



Peau d’Ailleurs



Peau d’Ailleurs is undefinable and elusive. It is an exploration into ourselves, through the elsewhere and the unconscious. Its iridescent floral heart is surrounded by earthy and mineral matter, followed by musky and woody notes that are revealed at the end of a long journey.




Green notes, Mineral Accord, Violet leaves


Orris, Rose


Patchouli, Vetiver Leather, Musk





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