Green Lampe Berger Gift Pack by Starck

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Maison Berger Paris signed a new major collaboration with Philippe Starck, an international figure in the world of design, thus giving life to ever more modern and breath-taking creations. This Green Lampe Berger Gift Pack by Starck is the perfect example of this. Inspired from the universe of laboratory glassware, its sober and clean lines recall some narrow-necked vials. The metal mount finishes the object with elegance through its distinctive motifs that evoke molecule movements. This decorative object is characterized by its originality, while also enabling you to purify and scent the air. The Green Lampe Berger Gift Pack by Starck, with its refreshing color, is paired with the 500ml Peau d’Ailleurs scent, turned into an indoor fragrance. This mixed olfactory composition, with its chimeric and somewhat eccentric aura, takes you to encounter cosmic magnitudes. The powdery floral scents of iris mingle with authentic mineral notes and green springtime notes, sublimed by a woody and musky base.



Peau d’Ailleurs


Peau d’Ailleurs is undefinable and elusive. It is an exploration into ourselves, through the elsewhere and the unconscious. Its iridescent floral heart is surrounded by earthy and mineral matter, followed by musky and woody notes that are revealed at the end of a long journey.




Green notes, Mineral Accord, Violet leaves


Orris, Rose

Patchouli, Vetiver Leather, Musk


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