DrainVac DV1R19-27CT



Commercial-grade, soundproofed, ultra-large-capacity, bagless unit with cyclonic action for solids and liquids

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Drainvac is considered the top performing company that manufactures and provides central vacuum power units. Drainvac leads the industry in high suction power, ease of use, reliability, and extremely quiet operation

Cleans both dry and liquid substances, and then disposal of debris or liquid is as simple as dumping the canister


  • Ultra-large-capacity canister (10 gal. / 46 L)
  • Bagless system
  • Cartridge filter protects motor if fine dust is picked up
  • Cyclonic action generates constant and optimal suction power
  • Integrated hour meter
  • Muffler and outdoor exhaust included
  • 6 ‘(1.8 m) power cord (gage 10) with “twist-lock” inlet
  • Unit requires an outdoor exhaust

Technical Data

    • Waterlift: 181
    • CFM: 122
    • Decibels: 70
    • Motor(s): 2
    • Amps: 22
    • Capacity: 46 L
    • Size: 38 cm dia. x 95 cm
    • 3.9 HP


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