Car Diffuser Refill – Underneath the Magnolias 2 Pack

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Car Diffuser Refill – Underneath the Magnolias 2 Pack


The Underneath the Magnolias car diffuser refills with their floral and sensual fragrance are an invitation to travel. The journey begins between the mountain ranges and the river, in the middle of the Balkan Mountains, where the fascinating and precious Bulgarian rose blooms. Its natural freshness is emphasized by the fruity scents of peach, for a sweet, tender and velvety atmosphere. The delicate elegance of blue jacaranda accompanies the ethereal woody strength of patchouli, thus creating a deliciously sensual fragrance. These Underneath the Magnolias car diffuser refills, in the form of a round ceramic, are easily positioned in the slot provided. Their intensity level of 3 out of 5 means that you will not be inconvenienced during your journeys, but that you can enjoy their fragrant benefits over a long period. The interior of your car becomes a floral haven that never fails to surprise you, just like when you are faced with blossoming spring-time flowers.



Somewhere between sensuality and provocation lies a floral chypre with fruity and sensual overtones. Feminine and pleasure-seeking, the perfume deploys like an invitation to travel, a series of floral notes that come from a remarkable balance between rose petals, black jasmine, amber and patchouli. The delicate blue flowers of the jacaranda tree sway gently like an elegant dance, enrobed in a distracting veil of musk.





Bulgarian Rose, Lemon




Rose of Arabia, Blue Jacaranda, Black Jasmine




Patchouli, Amber, Musk


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