Astral Reed Diffuser – White Cashmere

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Dream among the stars! In the Astral Reed Diffuser, architect and designer Rozenn Mainguené has once again showcased her creativity for Maison Berger by harnessing the cold, mineral atmosphere of space. The smoky grey hue of the diffuser echoes the characteristic color of the moon. But the true star of this decorative object is the metallic ring, delicately inclined like a natural satellite moving in its orbit, with alternating textures. The White Cashmere fragrance embodies all the immaculacy of the universe with its delicate, powdery aroma. Soft notes of Cashmeran wood, airy orange blossom, and delicate white musks meld for infinite elegance. Let this aroma and reed diffuser cast an otherworldly spell. You might just find that you are no longer earthbound!




  • This reed diffuser is pre-filled with White Cashmere fragrance.
  • Can be refilled with any Maison Berger 200 ml (6.7 oz) reed diffuser refill.


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