Aroma Wake Up Pre-filled Reed Diffuser – Woodsy Breeze – 180ml

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The Aroma Wake-Up scented reed diffuser allows you to boost yourself upon awakening with its essential oils of eucalyptus and cedar, to be more alert and invigorating. The Woodsy Breeze fragrance is outlined on the sparkling Bergamot notes and the powerful scents of ginger. The composition then blossoms on spicy smells of sandalwood and sweet patchouli as well as floral scents of geranium, forming a fresh olfactory.


The elegant design of the fragrant reed diffuser also gives it a certain aura. The frosted glass reveals fine floral ornaments, all enhanced by an aluminum ring through which the naturalness of the willow stems is expressed, and effectively diffuse the fragrance.


This pre-filled Aroma Wake-Up scented reed diffuser will keep you full of vitality for 6 to 8 weeks each morning! Do you appreciate the Aroma collection with its multiple aromachological virtues? Discover the other gestures and interior fragrances available now.




  • To ensure your well-being, our products meet an extremely strict quality charter. Maison Berger Paris undertakes to only diffuse into the air substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled.
  • Reed Diffuser pre-filled with the Winter Joy fragrance
  • Refillable with the 200ml refill for scented reed diffuser
  • Length of diffusion: 4 weeks




  • Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent.
  • Change your twigs each time you change the perfume.
  • To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance, adjust the number of twigs.




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