Agaves Garden Joy Scented Candle

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The Agaves Garden Joy scented candle is ideal for a cosy atmosphere. It creates a warm vibe and naturally becomes a highlight of your décor thanks to the softness it brings. Its aesthetic and modern cylindrical shape embodies a sort of maternal femininity whose warmth embraces you. The antique rose lacquer of the glass highlights the curves, making it truly charming. The silver screen-printing with geometric shapes expresses the designer aspect of the object desired by Sylvie de France. The subtle elegance of this Agaves Garden Joy scented candle can also be found at the heart of its fragrance. The floral delicacy of blue agave and white freesia combines with the woody notes of sandalwood, giving this ensemble verdant purity. A bucolic mood sets in, full of authentic poetry and brings with it a little air of spring, promising you an exotic moment.




Lemon, Coffee, Blue agave



Violet, White Freesia, Honeysuckle



Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood


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