Sebo 350E


SEBO 350E electric power head is German engineered to deliver optimum performance with exceptional cleaning ability for both home and commercial use. Compatible with most central vacuums and portable vacuums

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Advanced Technology for a Superior Cleaning Performance


  • Sebo electric power heads are made to withstand heavy use on all types of carpets in commercial and residential applications. The following features set these exceptional electric power heads above all others.
  • The geared belt drive on the power head maintains direct power to the brush roll without slippage.
  • SEBO has designed an electronic sensor system to protect this belt drive mechanism and the motor by having the power head turn off should the brush become jammed. Operation is restored by simply clearing the jam around the brush roll.
  • Removable brush strip for easy cleaning and replacement
  • L-Shaped design provides easy maneuvering around furniture and incredible edge cleaning
  • Brush Roll Is balanced to produce a smoother operation


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