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It’s not uncommon to find elegant marble, polished hardwood, luxurious textured rugs and ultra-plush carpet all in one home. Riccar canister vacuums are the solution for homes with a variety of flooring surfaces. Not only can you easily move from carpet to hard floors, but also these canisters are ready for above-the-floor cleaning, with a multitude of attachments available to tackle every cleaning task. 

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The Prima Canister with compact nozzle is a powerful, maneuverable and versatile canister vacuum that’s compact and lightweight. Prima cleans bare floors, area rugs and carpet with a slim-designed compact nozzle. With Hall sensor technology, you’ll never change a power nozzle belt again in the Prima. With sealed HEPA media filtration, self-sealing HEPA media bags and a long 28-foot cord, Prima reaches where you need to clean and removes and captures dust and dirt beautifully. Above the floor cleaning is a cinch with a telescopic wand, long hose, and attachments like the Soft Sweep microfiber bare floor tool and deluxe dusting brush with natural bristles. A tool adapter connects to any standard size vacuum tools, and a tool caddy keeps tools at-the-ready, plus adjustable suction control lets you dial down the power for more gentle cleaning.


• 12 Amp motor
• Sealed HEPA media filtration
• HEPA media self-sealing bag
• 1-3/8” diameter, 6.5-foot hose
• Lifetime serpentine belt
• Stainless steel hose handle
• Extra-large overmolded wheels and front caster
• Variable suction control
• Full bag indicator
• Soft Sweep Floor Brush with Microfiber Pad
• 2-in-1 Deluxe Dusting Brush • Tool adapter
• Metal tool holder
• 28-Foot cord
• Color: Dark Blue
• Warranty: 4 Years-Body, 2 Years-Components


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