Little Flower Lampe



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It takes us on an escapade through the fields in springtime, to the beginnings of a romance. It tells us about nature, floral traditions and demonstrations of love. It tells us everything about the grace of flowers, the perfection of Nature: luminous thanks to its shiny white glazed porcelain, decorated with a pretty aubergine-coloured stalk, the Little Flower catalytic lamp appears to be suspended, just a few seconds away from its scents bursting forth…


Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: wick-burner, porcelain crown top, stopper and funnel.




Because you deserve the best, we strongly advise you to use your Lampe Berger only with Maison Berger Paris perfumes.

Why? Only the use of Maison Berger Paris perfumes with the Maison Berger Paris catalytic process can guarantee quality and safe use of the Lampe Berger. Using any other perfume than those by Maison Berger Paris could damage your Lampe Berger irreversibly.




  • Remove the burner from the lamp if you are not using it for several weeks.
  • Change the burner every 200 lightings or every year.
  • Use the Essential Neutral Home Fragrance to clean your burner between two scents, to purify your interior without perfuming it or to modulate the intensity of your perfume by diluting it.
  • The use of perfumes other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner.



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