Hide a hose CX1000 Battery Power Nozzle



CX1000 is a battery operated power head designed to work on hide a hose systems or vacuum hoses with no electrical power

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The CX1000 has a huge performance advantage over traditional electric and turbine nozzles. The impeller fan pushes air toward the hose, while the central vacuum suction pulls air through the hose, creating a “push and pull” boost to cleaning power


Features include:

44 Volt Lithium Ion Battery with 60 minutes of run time

Charge time: 2 hours

Ultra-bright LED headlight illuminates your cleaning path
Squeegee for bare floor cleaning
Unique bottom plate ensures easy operation on all carpet types
Rubber wheels and bumper protect furniture and baseboards
Aluminum handle tube works with Hide-A-Hose “Ready Grip Handles”
4 year warranty on vacuum, 2 year warranty on battery
Weight: 11 pounds

Available in white and black




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