Etincelle Trio Pack Lamp Fragrance



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Set off to discover our fragrances with this Box Set of 3 Lamp refills 250ml! The new Heavenly Sun fragrance diffuses fresh scents of magnolia and reveals its floral, sunny facets. A distinctively feminine and sensual touch. You go on to a change in fragrance and universe with Sandalwood Temptation. Allow yourself to be carried away by its gentle warmth and its woody and voluptuous wake, an invitation to relaxation and sharing. Then finish off with a bubbly and joyful celebration with Exquisite Sparkle and its lively notes of patchouli, champagne and grapefruit.

This Box Set of 3 Lamp Refills 250ml is a limited edition! So if you like practical lamp refill formats in 250ml and you like to change your interior perfume regularly, then this product is made for you!


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