Electrolux Aerus Central Vacuum Hose



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  • Replacement hose for all Aerus / Electrolux Lux Central Vacuum cleaners which have plastic wands. The hose measures 35ft. and can be used with outlets that have a direct connect style (super valve) inlet with two prongs on top of the hose which plug into the inlet, or can be converted into a pig style hose which requires a cord to be plugged into a normal electrical outlet. The ergonomic hose handle is very easy to use, and reduces stress on the wrist which other styles of hoses may cause.
  • Three position switch, which allows the system to use just suction for cleaning bare floors, motorized suction for the power head when vacuuming rugs and carpets, and an off setting to turn the power unit off. This hose works with all aerus electrolux central vacuum systems that use plastic wands. The hose also swivels in the hose handle, preventing any kinks in the hose while vacuuming.
  • Any easy release button allows the user to easily remove the hose from the wand to attach cleaning attachments .
  • This will fit direct connect into the wall outlet and/or/both with a pigtail cord! Will fit all new Electrolux Aerus central vacuum models including the Centralux

* Pigtail cord included 


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