Duo Pack-Under the Olive Tree + Exquisite Sparkle



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Alpha Lamp box consists of two fragrances, both oriental and warm. Under the olive tree is a woody and dark fragrance containing rare ingredients such as oud wood or even others more common but still appreciated such as olive wood and patchouli. This almost sacred olfactory composition will conquer you with its seductive side. As for the Exquisite sparkle fragrance, it brings a festive and colorful touch to your interior. Zesty grapefruit and effervescent notes awaken all the woody power of patchouli, in an assumed, very successful olfactory contrast. Discover now the fragrances with the assertive accords of this 250ml Alpha Lamp 2 Refill Set and immerse yourself in this ancient universe. The Cyclades and their landscapes bathed in light, the remains of Athens or the Peloponnese, embark on a wonderful journey through time in the heart of Greece.


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