DrainVac G2-2X7-M


Two-motor (2 x 700 AW) unit generating ultra-high suction power 


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The new 240-volt mega powerful Drainvac G2-2X7-M is the king of all vacuums! This central vacuum is for the person who wants the best and nothing else less. Drainvac is considered the top performing company that manufactures and provides central vacuum power units. Drainvac leads the industry in high suction power, ease of use, reliability, and extremely quiet operation


  • Two motors generating superior suction power
  • Large-capacity canister (9 gal. / 41 L)
  • Permanent SMS filter treated with SilverClear™ antibacterial agent
  • Soundproofed casing with superior impact resistance
  • 2-ply paper dust bag included
  • Muffler and outdoor exhaust included
  • Requires an outdoor exhaust and 230-volt circuit
  • Made in Canada

Technical Data

    • Waterlift: 212
    • CFM: 140
    • Decibels:  70
    • Motor(s): 2
    • Amps: 14.2
    • Capacity: 41 L
    • Size: 38 cm dia. x 70 cm
    • Air Watts: 2×700


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